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Automated Messages are Often Not Enough

trouble with automated messages

One of the facts I’ve come to accept is that most people don’t really listen to automated messages, and even if they did, they still want to speak to someone because the message given doesn’t answer all of their questions.

Automated messages can be good for certain situations, but employees calling in have lots of questions. When they realize it’s automated, they may feel like the picture above, that no one’s actually there to help.

Say your plant has shut down due to weather or a major maintenance issue and you leave that message on your voicemail.   How long would the message have to be to give the employees all of the information? 

Can you be sure that even if your message answers every potential question they may have, that your employees will listen to the entire message? It’d seemingly go on forever!

That’s where we come in.  We have live agents that can answer any questions or concerns that your employees may have and that gives you time to handle the daily needs of your customers.

Automated messages tend to add a level of annoyance or frustration to an already stressful situation. They want to know that their questions can be answered as quickly as they can, and voicemails can run out of space and aren’t checked as often as an e-mail, text message, or fax.

That’s one of the things we realized during the winter season. When large numbers of employees called out due to perilous roads, yes, a message was created, but while that helped some, we had many people still wanting to speak to someone.

Let us take care of your employees call ins so you can take care of your customers.  If your company needs that, or if you’d like to know more, reach out to us. We can answer that!

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Need an impromptu meeting? No problem!


Have you hit your sales quota for the quarter and want to celebrate? Do you need to have a regularly scheduled meeting for your team? Was there an unexpected issue that needs to be solved immediately? Let us know! We can help by taking your calls while you take care of your business meeting.

By forwarding your business’s line to ours, we can take the calls that would otherwise go to your office. We can give your messages to an employee of your choice, ask the caller to call back after your meeting, or even relay information to your callers. After you finish up your meeting, all you need to do is let us know so that we can give you the messages we received. At this time, you can take control of your phone lines again and decide which callers need to receive a return call.

AFS Business Solutions is available at a moment’s notice to take over your calls. If you need us, we will be there for you. In addition to this, you are always in control of the way that we answer your calls and the information that we record.  If you need to set up special procedures for certain periods of time, we can do that!

We understand that impromptu meetings are necessary for a number of reasons, which is why we are always available to take calls for you. Having an answering service to cover your business’s calls during these types of meetings can really benefit your business, especially since new customers can call at any time.

If you choose to utilize an answering service, we would be more than happy to assist your business in any capacity you need. Give us a call to learn how “We Can Answer That!”

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We Can Answer That!

customer service

Have you ever wondered if answering services would be a good fit for your business? Our answering services are a great option for many different types of businesses because our service packages are fully customizable to fit any needs you may have.

At AFS Business Solutions, we answer everything from veterinary clinics to coroner’s offices to home service companies and more! We can act as a call-out line for absences and tardiness or as a 24/7 customer service line. We can even take anonymous, reporting calls!

With the wide range of industries that we answer for, our extensive training, and our overall expertise, you can trust the agents at AFS Business Solutions to accurately gather the information you need to assist your customers quickly and easily. Whether you just need us to collect some basic contact information or you need us to complete the full sales process, you can rest assured knowing that everything will be taken care of with the utmost professionalism and friendliness.

What if your callers have questions directly pertaining to your business? Since you are involved in the training of the agents that take your calls, you decide how much information we should or should not give your callers.

Worried about language barriers? We have bilingual agents who are qualified and willing to assist when necessary. If you need one of our Spanish-speaking agents to return a call, we offer that service as well.

Call us today and let us know how “We Can Answer That!”