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Hiring for a New Line in your Company


Congratulations! You’ve taken on another line in your factory and now you need people to come in and help handle the increased production. What do you do?

Putting an employment ad online, or with staffing agencies may help, but how do you know the potential employee, or temp, will have all the information? And if going through a staffing agency, how much are they told about the job, and how can you know if what they’re told is accurate? We’ve certainly had cases where people worked for a very short time and they told us “this isn’t what I thought it would be.”

Taking on this extra workload means that your client needs your help, and needs it done correctly, so you can trust that the people who come to work are aware of what they will be tasked with.

As an answering service, we can help in multiple ways: We can be your information courier.  What is the work they will be doing?  What do they need to know in regards to your expectations? Should we go over your attendance policy? Is there anything else you’d like them to know? We are the first point of contact, the receptionist, the schedular, and much more. 

We understand there is a lot of stress in the entire process, and we’d like to help as much as we can. We want to help you fill the space on your assembly line by giving those interested the information they can use to determine if they’d like to go forward with the sign on process. We’d love to say to you “that’s what we can do for you! We can answer that!”