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How We Help During the Summer

customer loyalty

As we get closer to summer, the importance of our HVAC unit working as it should, quickly returns to our mind, especially as temperatures start to rise in expectation of Summer.

As a heating and air company, this is an important opportunity for you to build your customer base, and to make sure you have the customers you need to continue through the year.

When your potential customers see your advertisements and recommendations, that little seed is planted encouraging them to call to schedule that maintenance or tune up of their unit.

Say someone sees your commercial on tv at 8 PM, and they decide to call and schedule that tune up, or if their air conditioner isn’t quite cooling as it should. We have 24/7, live agents that can give your customers the correct information and schedule any service calls needed.

Often, when a caller actually reaches someone and hears that their issue is going to be resolved, they tend to stop there. Even if they are made aware that the office will be returning their call, that is enough. Having loyal customers that continue to bring repeat business is great for any company and we can help.

While we are an answering service, we want your customers to get help just as much as you do. We want you to continue to be successful as much as you do. Let us be a part of your team and help you grow.

If you’d ask us if we could help handle the increased call flow before, and during, the summer season? Yes, we can answer that!