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Planning a major Sale or Promotion

planning sales and promotions

Summer has arrived and already we’re receiving calls about air conditioners not blowing cold air. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, and as a heating and air company, you can take advantage of the rising temperature to run a major sale or promotion.

Whether it’s a discount for maintenance and upkeep or even a reduced rate on replacing their unit, advertising your promotional event will bring a lot of eyes to your company. How do you intend to meet that demand?

While you can let calls go to your voicemail, or even temporarily hire a receptionist or two, voicemails quickly become full and your callers are given no eta as to when you will be calling them back. Hiring receptionists are costly, especially if you will be paying them full time and possibly more. Not to mention the potential time spent on training them which is less time you can use to help your customers.

Don’t be that company that has reviews reading “They weren’t there when I needed them” Or “What is the point in running a promotion if they can’t answer the phone?”  Allow us to step in and help make your season a successful one.

We answer for multiple heating and air companies and have weathered the storm both during the summer and winter seasons year after year. We have shown our ability to handle increased call flows, and continue to hold ourselves to the standard and expertise that we’ve maintained for over 30 years.

Allowing us to do what we do best means that more of your team can focus on what they do best, and that is helping people locally or regionally survive another potentially dangerous summer in regards to the heat.

Would you like to take advantage of our services? Would you like to learn more? Then give us a call, because, yes, we can answer that!