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What We Did During the Snow Event

severe weather services

One thing we noticed during severe weather was that when employees called out, they didn’t know what the protocol was. Do they call out? Do they not? Is it going to count against them? Can they use PTO so their day is paid even if they can’t come in?

Some companies had automated messages pick up before the employee’s line rang in, others gave us information to give their employees, while others wanted us to follow standard procedure for callouts. Regardless of the directive, Answer Fort Smith was there for each of our clients and documented each call out appropriately.

What about you? We can handle call outs due to bad weather in a number of different ways in order to fit your company’s needs.  Just let our client relations team know and we’ll take care of the rest.

In times like these, communication is extremely important.  Communication between our clients and ourselves, especially in high volume circumstances like these, ensure that your employees know the information that you need them to know.

So as your answering service, we will do our best to give you that communication. We are staffed and capable of handling the call out volume, and any scenario in which you need us to properly relay the information to your staff to ensure maximum efficiency.

We are familiar with all types of call outs, so no matter what you decide, we can answer that!