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Managing Product Recalls

product recalls

A major struggle for any manufacturing plant is recalls on products.

Letters are sent out to customers, but that often leads to an abundance of questions.  Is it still safe? What is wrong with it? Can I fix it myself? What is the return policy? Do I have to pay for shipping? How long will you keep it? Is it a first production set that had the issue or all of them?

These recall letters lead to a lot of customers calling in to have their questions answered.  The increased call volume and potential long hold times can delay productivity even further, resulting in less margin for your company and adds to the customers frustration.

This is where we come in.  If you are a manufacturer, time is money.  You don’t want to overwhelm your team, we can be tasked with calling your customers for you, giving the information you’d like them to know.   We document all the calls and get them to the proper departments so that each call is handled by the correct person and in a timely manner.  This allows you to handle the most important part of your job, manufacturing. 

While we are an answering service, we do so much more than simply answer calls. If you are thinking of using an Answering Service who goes a step beyond, yes, we can answer that- and more.