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What if Someone Gets Injured at Work?

work injuries

At your plant, you do everything you can to keep your employees safe, from regular meetings discussing proper use of the machinery they will be using to safety being a focus during orientation.

You know what can happen if someone gets injured on the job, and that some injuries can cause long-term effects not only to the employee themselves, but to your whole organization too.

When this does occur, you need to know as much as you can about when it happened, who it happened to, what is injured, who their supervisor is, and the severity of the injury.

After the injury is documented, what is next? Do they need to call in every day to report it? What would be the best way to provide updates to their supervisor, HR, and to those in management who need to know how the employee is doing and when their doctor releases them to return to work.

Whether it’s FMLA, an extended leave of absence, short term disability, or even a day or two off work, it lowers productivity on the floor and can lead to the added expense of overtime.

Here’s where we come in. As an answering service, we can collect the information you need to document the incident and accurately report that to the correct department and staff.

Should we e-mail it to their supervisor? No problem! Should it be sent to a group of people in HR and management as well? We can do that! 

We work hard to accommodate your needs in regards to injuries and so much more.

Don’t let a mis-reported injury be another pain point for you. When it comes to situations like these, whether major or not, give us a call and let us know what you need because yes, we can answer that!