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What We Mean by 24/7/365

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Heating and air issues don’t wait until it’s convenient. Any time, day or night, the fan can stop operating, the pilot light can stop igniting, the air filters can get stopped up, or several other things can go wrong.

Does your company have a reliable, 24/7 service to handle these calls?

Say a storm blows through and a potential customer’s power goes out. When their power returns, their heating and air unit does not, however. They call and try to reach someone for a service call. If no one answers, they’re likely to go down the list until they can find someone who can help, and that’s lost money for your business.

As an answering service, we ensure that any customer that calls, no matter the hour, gets to speak with a live representative that can address their concerns and get the messaged paged to the O/C technician for quick, reliable service.

There are many heating and air companies locally, let alone regionally, so anything that you can do to compete, and possibly exceed your competition is to your advantage, and a part of that is knowing that even at 3 AM on Christmas day, if Brian’s heat goes out and he has family coming over at 9 AM, we’ll be here to take his service request and pass the message to your O/C so Christmas can be saved.

These are the examples that people remember, and by answering the phone 24/7, you have created a loyal customer that will keep returning with any of their heating and air needs.

So, if you’re needing that kind of service from us, so we can give it to your callers, please contact us. We can answer that!